The Dirty Framework


Bayu Andrianto

I wanted to make a musical arrangement that combines the sound of various ornaments and activities in the bathroom. Because to me bathroom is a place that privacy can not be affordable and it’s a suitable place to contemplate. Contemplation of the various fragments of experience that has absorbed often produce an idea about anything and frequent emergence in the bathroom.

Contemplation is an activity or a brooding introspection of everything that happens in our day, is an activity to better identify ourselves back.

I would like to imagining any part of my brain to represent a wide range of feelings.

The sound that we’re heard would normally bring a perception of a things in our heads, also dominated by our feelings. When we listen to a song with the genre, example like jazz, soul, folk bossanova etc, we will feel comfortable and calm and feel as if imagining ourself in such a peaceful place in the mountains, farms, or plantations. Conversely, too, if we listen to punk music, Rhythm and Blues, Disco simultaneously we will shake the body and also sing for joy bounding expression of excitement and anarchy, This shows that music affects human behavior and imagination in mind projecting a thing of the adopted the music.

Bayu Andrianto, 23 years old, male

An Intermedia art student in Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia

Sound artist, musician, video artist, focus in new media art.

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Silas Ritchie

19 July at 05:12AM


I really like this, and the explanation. I am a fan of sound collage, and using field recordings in my music. Very enjoyable.

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