This Art Piece Was Seeking My Reflection

Urssa Severa

A series of 60 sequential pictures of my reflection in the art piece «Im Wahnzimmer» (In the Room of Madness) by Anna & Bernhard Blume, 1984, shot and edited until it took the shape of a video stream. This video can be seen as a re-appropriation of Blume’s art piece. Their huge prints were placed on a wall in a museum. While I was contemplating, my reflection as viewer was subtly interfering with the image, bringing a sense of invasive movement into it, an outside point of action. Combat, invitation, triggering, drama, playful, mimetic, complementary or disruptive are some of the words to define the spontaneous engagement of an artist’s reflection onto the mad scenes of Blume’s artwork exhibited on the museum. A clash of encountered presences reflect, merge and blur each other in a sort of parody about the aura of the artist in its attempt to play the demiurge exhibiting the God’s oeuvre.

Urssa lives and works between Germany and the Siberian taiga. She recently abandoned her work as a secret agent to focus on the visual and stage arts. She projects a symbolist stream over reality, to be designed as dance, theatre, performance and moving-image pieces. As a researcher, fascinated by the human unconscious, she spends most of her time working on pseudo-scientific theses about the phenomena of para-normality, extra sensorial perceptions, animism, occultism, the immaterial realm and the M theory. In an attempt to understand the mechanics of the unconscious affecting life, she practices disciplines such as alchemy, parapsychology, modern physics, art and philosophy.



03 October at 06:22AM


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