Tiny Get Lost Guide

Julia Drouhin

This “Tiny Get Lost Guide” is inspired by the BBC radiophonic science fiction series “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” created by Douglas Adams in 1978. Comment for a Lonely Planet : it’s home made with noises of parasites in human food seeds and real voices.

Image credit: Team Textiles – 2013 – Constance Gallery – Hobart – Tasmania.

Julia Drouhin has been working on sound material since 2003. She investigates haunted air through ghost towns phonomemory, voodoo session conducted by chocolate or ice records, catacombs glitters, gleam robot, magnetic playlist, dead icecream event and performative candyfloss clouds. She completed her PhD about the art of walking at the University of Paris 8 in 2011.


Thea Baumann

28 June at 02:36AM


A peripatetic walk out through catacomb glitters ! Transported !

Pip Stafford

02 July at 04:38PM


Julia belongs in outer space. I would miss her if she went but I know that she'd wear something fabulous.

Rachel Edwards

02 July at 04:55PM


Space is the Place.

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