Um Chorus


Cath Robinson

Um chorus consists of 33 local contemporary artists discussing their inspiration with the resulting soundtracks edited to include only their ums or other pause-for-thought noises amongst quiet space, in real time (as it was actually spoken). The tracks are heard on top of each other as a full-blown chorus, a simultaneous orchestral collection of thought, of Tasmanian contemporary artists thinking about their inspiration.

Cath Robinson is a sound and installation artist based in Hobart, Tasmania. Robinson’s practice explores vulnerable moments of reflection; ums, ahs, pauses and punctuation, the “in between space”, the impossible hiatus between the private processes of thought and the abstraction of language and art. Robinson’s recent group exhibitions include Ghost Hunters, Plimsol Gallery, Hobart 2013; Wonderland: Contemporary Art from Australia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan 2012. Solo exhibitions include A Composition of Ideas: Reflective Space for the Player Piano, MONA, Hobart 2011; Thought noise wave form preludes, Firstdraft, Sydney 2011; Shotgun, CAST Gallery, Hobart 2010.

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Sally Rees

27 August at 10:00AM


Of course LAUNCH. Those other life forms must be feeling so much pressure from all the Earth-generated sci-fi that paints them as telelpathic miracle dudes. The least we can do is give them a heads-up into our thoughts before we meet up.

Matt Warren

27 August at 10:26AM


The silences between the sounds will always be as of equal importance.

Thea Baumann

01 September at 10:42PM


Sometimes the ums and ahhs speak volumes to the great Unknown.

Brian Ritchie

15 September at 02:57AM

Those of us who do public speaking, interviews and media are trained not to make these sounds. Party all the time!


25 September at 10:56PM

This and Nat Thomas's eyes half closed at parties work are from the same world of human uncertainty. Makes me feel craaaaazy to listen to.

Peter Robinson

12 November at 01:56PM

Go Cath. May the list grow ever shorter with your name a constant feature on it! It is a work that truly deserves to be amongst the stars and the stuff of life itself. 0x0

norie neumark

19 January at 08:52AM


ummm...ahhh....ithink.....ummm.... i'd say......welll.....[cough]....ahem.... yes..... ummm....launch...

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