Undaddy Mainframe



Undaddy Mainframe (2014) is based on VNS Matrix’s A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century (1991) with thanks to Josephine Starrs, Julianne Pierce, Francesca da Rimini and Virginia Barratt.

Materials: A Cyberfeminist Manifesto for the 21st Century (1991), HD Green Screen Hand Gesture For iPad Animation (2013), Kids Guide to the Internet (1997), Komputer Tutor: Komputer Kindergarten (1993), The Exorcist (1973) and Googled internet images.

Soda_Jerk is an Australian two-person art collective that works with sampled material to trouble formulations of cultural history. Taking the form of video installations, cut-up texts and live video essays, their archival practice is situated at the inter-zone of research, documentary and speculative fiction.

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pedro bericat

31 May at 06:24PM


1 minute autohypnosis Project
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Pedro Bericat
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virginia barratt

03 September at 08:10AM


because cyberfeminism was a catalytic moment, a collective memetic mind-virus that mobilised geek girls everywhere and unleashed the blasphemic techno-porno code that made machines pleasurable and wet. a linguistic weapon of mass instruction, the manifesto struck at the mass erection of technopatriarchal order. we loved with machines, in a most unholy alliance. i watched the pussy riot documentary last night, and felt the lineage stretching through the decades. echoes of the abjectionable in orbit, adding to the accummulation of space junk (in the vernacular), seems apropriate. vns matrix were dirty space cowboys. send them into the stratosphere!

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