Vogue Diaries

Rodrigo Curiel

The Vogues Diaries project is a diary of images and video voyeur documentation based on the unique and daily life of public and transit places, in this case a pedestrian bridge. Is a reflection and portrait of how transit spaces become unique and everyone in the public becomes the protagonist, letting us, reflect ourselves in a very intimate way. Immortalizing unique images of the human nature and yet simple day to day life.

Born in Mexico City, as an artist and psychologist his work in different medias goes trough the symbolical, archetypical and metaphoric language of the unconscious abstraction. His work is based on themes where images become both personal and collective collages of real surreality. Is a mirror to a side of a reality unfolding an introspective possibility as a result of the imaginary world that embraces of all of us He has shown his work between Mexico DF , Berlin and London.


Thea Baumann

14 October at 01:58AM


I think. .... this too epic in length for short attention spans of alien audiences...

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