Anthony Green

Two of the most impressive aspects of humans are our development of language and communication, and our development of various forms of technology. For better or for worse, these two superior qualities have – in a significant way – affected the organic behavior of nature. However, nature will always win. This video was created with technology. Technology was used to create the audio, which is a stretching out of a segment of a gospel choir singing “I’m on my way to heaven, and I’m so glad”. Natured is captured in this video using technology. The three elements – Voice, Nature, Technology – all appear. In the end, what wins?

Composer and pianist Anthony Green works primarily with sound textures in dynamic processes. His approach to composition comprises an awareness and respect of the past co-mingled with a desire to push for the new of the present and the future. Balancing on the see-saw of cerebral and visceral, his 100+ works have been performed and diffused in over a dozen countries by many world-class ensembles and soloists, such as Ashleigh Gordon, Guido Arbonelli, ALEA III (with Gunther Schuller), Ensemble Transmission, BLY, and the Ossia New Music Ensemble, to name a few. He is also the co-founder of a new Boston-based concert series organization, entitled “Castle of our Skins”.


David Drexler

22 July at 07:39AM


Engaging images and audio.

Perry Ferguson

30 August at 09:19PM


Sparse video with dense audio - good combination

Brian Ritchie

18 September at 02:55PM


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