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Maja Wolna

In this project, I talk about freedom and awakening, of being here and now, with awareness of the uniqueness of the moment, in this place and at this time. I’m talking about the power of love within us that allows us to find harmony with each other and with the universe. In the face of the many wrongs that as humanity inflict themselves, regardless of where we were born, in which the body and the circumstances we live and what problems we face, I want to tell that every moment of life is an opportunity for us to change. I send into space wishes to all – encompassing love.

Credits: director: Maja Wolna // music by: Lukasz Lach // vocal: Maja Wolna // styling, make up: Agnieszka Hodowana // photographer: Piotr Brozek

// lyrics: Jarek Murawski, Maja Wolna // video editor: Monika Krzyzaniak

Maja Wolna is a graphic artist, a poster designer, illustrator, traveller. She enjoys working in different mediums and currently she is working with video art and experimenting with her voice. She is involved into social problems. Her main interests revolve around the phenomenon of life, man, world, spirituality and the cosmos. Her works takes a part in many international art contests, group and individual exhibitions all over the world.


Jolanta Zieleniewska

11 June at 06:53AM

Fantastic. Not so scary as others artworks. Freedom! Nothing else matters. It touched me deeply.


11 June at 07:14PM

Great stuff for all Aliens!

Miki Piotrowski

11 June at 08:13PM


Space is the ultimate freedom for Maja The Free! No borders, no limitations. It is not a void, it is the begening and the and. Space is the place that we all started to be and we will end to be.

Take the freedom to the space. Take Maja The Free to the space :)


12 June at 04:20AM


Absolutely stunning! Good vibration, deep, smart, extraordinary.


23 June at 11:01PM


Hello future! This is us, humans, living on Earth. We are sending you - as a sign of peace - the best what we can offer: one beautiful example of our beauty, wisdom and creativity. Please, enjoy. This is what were. This is what we are. Make it "will be". Forever.


24 June at 12:08AM


Beautiful work, with lightness, naturalness flowing. Full of love for oneself and the world. That's it! Forever now!

Kasia Lubicz

30 June at 09:52PM

.....poetic beauty of the artwork is representing human tendency for peace and harmony.


04 July at 08:43AM


Fragile. Subtle. Mild. Pure beauty.

Andrea Halverson

05 July at 02:47AM


So beautiful! Delicate and raw. A gem.


06 July at 11:47AM

Passion, beauty, love, sensuality and free spirit. Absolutely different and fresh.


08 July at 02:39AM


She carries unbearable lightness of freedom up there.Cosmic girl.


09 July at 08:44AM

Light, sincere, delicate, sensitive, elegant. A aesthetically delicious piece of art.


09 July at 06:23PM


The art of living the way of life without artificial boundaries...nicely expressed in this video.

Alina ostach

21 August at 07:01AM


piękne, subtelne,delikatne...

Thea Baumann

21 September at 10:37PM

Delicate cosmic girl form . More girls in in cosmos . Wrapped in ethereal bodies !✨💕✨💕✨

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