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Skin Tips from Dermatologists

If a person is looking for tips on skincare and how to have skin that is smooth and glowing they will often ask a dermatologist for advice. These medical professionals are dedicated to knowing about the skin. This is some advice that dermatologists have put together for skincare.

Get Plenty of Sleep
Sleep is needed by every organ in the body including the skin. If a person is not sleeping enough they will have signs of aging and their skin will be tired and dull looking. A person should aim to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. This will also help reduce the appearance of under eye circles.

Stress is one of the worst things for the body including the skin. Studies have shown that high stress levels can increase acne and breakouts. A person should take a nice bath or find some other way to relax. The skin will thank them.

Stop Licking the Lips
When the lips are dry most people lick them. They feel they are adding moisture to the lips and it often makes them feel better for the moment. This does a lot of harm to the lips. Licking the lips will increase dryness and damage already sore lips. It is best to use some type of chapstick to heal the lips.

Be Aware of Irritants
Some things may bother the skin. It can be fragrances, parabens, and other products that damage the skin. A person should be aware of anything that may bother their skin. They should also look for products that use all natural ingredients.

These are some of the top tips from dermatologists to help the skin. These professionals have spent their careers working with the skin and have developed these tips to help a person stay healthy and look their best.